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Each one of our bags are cut from huge paintings created by Lisa Caillet-Bois. Typically, each painting produces 12-13 bags depending on the bag styles cut from the painting. This means only 1-3 of each style of bag are cut from a particular piece. Even though no two bags are alike, you can often see 'twin' or 'triplet' bags - two or three that are from the same painting. 4 times a year we release new canvasses. Grab the one's you love before they're gone!

How an LCB bag comes to life

Step 1: In Nature / Drawing

Lisa spends a lot of time in nature - drawing, walking, climbing up mountains, exploring, traveling to new countries and painting little pieces she later uses in her studio to create the large scale paintings.

Step 2: The Studio / Painting

Once back in the studio, Lisa gets to work on creating the huge canvasses that are to become the unique fabric used for the exterior of all our bags. Each roll of organic canvas is cut to size and Lisa uses her drawings and photography as inspiration to create the final pieces.

Step 3: The Factory / Cutting

Once all the season's paintings are complete (plus any commissions Lisa has been working on for clients), they make their way to Downtown LA to be cut into the different bag patterns they are to become. This is one of the most interesting parts of the process for Lisa. After spending so much time creating the paintings, they are all stacked up in a huge layered pile, along with the organic liner fabrics and padding we use, the patterns are laid on top and all the bags are cut in one go. This means no one chooses where on the canvases the bags are cut from or how the patterns are oriented on the finished bags. The element of randomness is one of the most exiting parts of the process.

Step 4: The Factory / Construction + Sewing

Now the time has come for the bags to be shaped, stitched, for the logos to be added, the bases inserted, all metal hardware to be attached and the bags to become the unique and one-of-a-kind creations they are.

Step 5: The Studio / Quality Control

Once the bags have been completed Downtown, they are collected and brought back to the Lisa Caillet-Bois Studio. They are all checked for quality control, hang-tagged, the edition number marked on them, signed by Lisa, photographed, and added to our live stock collection.

Step 6: Planet Earth / Sold

Our favorite part of the process might well be seeing the perfect person find their bag. It always feels like every bag has a 'special someone' out there just waiting to find it.

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