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At Lisa Caillet-Bois we seek only to produce products that fulfill on our 3 core principles


We carefully source and use only organic certified fabrics and other pesticide and chemical-free sustainably produced fabrics, such as natural hemp.  No chemicals that harm humans or the environment are used in any of the fabrics we produce our bags from.


This means we only use materials that are 100% natural in their source and production.  We do not use synthetic, oil-based plastic 'vegan' leather, instead we use real leather - cow hide.  A by-product from the farming industry that puts all parts of the animal's body to use.  Leather is also a biodegradable product and at the end of its usable life, will naturally decompose, leaving no harm to our planet.  We also use naturally tanned leather, so no chemicals or environment harming dyes. 


We work with carefully sourced partners with exceptional ethical working conditions for their makers; fairtrade wages, healthy working environments, child support programs, educational opportunities and more.

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