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I would like to send my order as a gift, can you include a note?

Of course, please type your message in the notes section in your shopping cart and we will hand write it on a lovely, complimentary card and include it in your package. 

Do you do gift wrapping?

We carefully wrap each of our pieces in simple packaging and are happy to include a personal note but we don't currently charge for specialized wrapping.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, please see our international shipping policies.

Do you sell to other shops & distributors?

Yes, please see our page Wholesale.

What type of fabric do you use for your bags?

We use a 45% organic cotton 55% sustainably grown hemp canvas blend from an amazing US company that goes far beyond 'fairtrade' in their company practices. 

Does the paint come off the bags?

No. Once completely dry & sealed the paint will not come off our bags. 

Do you make your own bags?

We hand paint every gigantic canvas that is used to make our bags. We then work closely with talented bag makers in California to produce our products.

Do you use sustainable practices when obtaining materials for your products?

Yes, sustainable everything is a top priority when we are sourcing ALL of our materials, not only for our bags & art, but in everything we do.  All of our leather comes from the USA and is by-product leather, our paints are non-toxic, eco friendly, all printed materials are 100% recycled cards/papers & water based environmentally friendly inks. We could go on....

Do you accommodate special requests?

Please contact us at if you have a special request.  We will do our best to accommodate your request but it may not be feasible at the current time.

Can I commission you to produce a specific piece of art?

Yes, we love to work on commissions. Please email Lisa herself at to discuss your ideas. She will work with you to produce the painting or mural of your dreams. 

Do you take commissions for the bags as well?

Yes, we do. We will work with you to work out your perfect canvas colors, the exact leather color & type you want and so on. Please email Lisa at

Lastly, how do you say your name?!

Good question! I'm guessing the 'Lisa' bit is easy. 'Caillet-Bois' is pronounced KAI-YE-BWAH. It is Lisa's husband's last name & originates in a small village on the Swiss-French border in France. It was first recorded in 1386 when the 'Caillet' and the 'Bois' families marry. How lovely.

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