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Lisa Caillet-Bois is a design studio based in Los Angeles, California founded by British artist and industrial designer Lisa Caillet-Bois.
Our ready-to-wear bags and accessories are created in limited editions that coexist with an ongoing series of paintings and photography.

Known for our colorful distinctive textiles and bold patterns, we seek to blur the boundaries of art and fashion, mass production and handmade to produce unique, limited edition and one-of-a-kind bags and accessories. 

Utilizing the highest quality organic and sustainably produced fabrics, yarns, natural leathers and non-toxic paint, we are committed to producing beautiful wearable works of art that positively impact the environment and will be both worn and treasured pieces of art for years to come.

We work with carefully sourced partners with exceptional ethical working conditions for their makers; fairtrade wages, healthy working environments, child support programs, educational opportunities and more.

Lisa Caillet-Bois also runs monthly 'Women Empowerment' groups in Los Angeles to bring together aspiring female entrepreneurs with women already in business, to share stories, successes, failures, wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly, the support, community and encouragement many women need to have the courage to start their own businesses. 

In early 2014, Lisa and Sarah met in the hallway of their Venice Beach apartment complex, and became partners over a shared love of travel, art, fashion and passionate entrepreneurial women.

Lisa's Bio 

Lisa Caillet-Bois is an artist, designer and entrepreneur originally from England. Guided by a love of creativity, branding and colour, Lisa loves to make and start things.

After earning a First Class Honors in BA Product and Furniture Design at Ravensbourne in London, Lisa's first major career path involved two of her passions: environmental work and the organic food industry. Spanning the course of 8 years, Lisa's first entrepreneurial pursuit, Happy Kitchen, was a pioneering natural food restaurant, catering business, bakery and wholesale food production facility.  Based in London, Happy Kitchen supplied companies (including The Hub, Greenpeace, Action Against Hunger, Coca Cola, Whole Foods) and hundreds of shops all over Europe with natural handmade products. As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for helping people and the planet, she used the organization as a tool for social and environmental good in schools all over the city and in the wider London community. This drew recognition from the Mayor of London, resulting in an appointment as a 2010 London Leader. Lisa has also won numerous other awards for her work in the UK and received recognition and praise in countless publications both online and in print.


Lisa has been painting since she was a child and comes from a long lineage of artists. Her father, grandfather and great grandfather were all artists. Lisa's love of travel and the earth has allowed her the good fortune to paint some of the world's most wild and beautiful landscapes, the core source of inspiration for her art. During travels in 2012, Lisa fell in love, leading to a move to Venice Beach, California. Inspired by the people and lifestyle of Venice, Lisa had the idea to reimagine her art as wearable fashion, resulting in the birth of her second entrepreneurial pursuit, 'LCB'.



Sarah's Bio

Sarah Goodnow is a Senior Vice President at Civic Entertainment Group, A Seacrest Global Group company. With ten years of experience in the marketing / branding world, Sarah has had the pleasure of working with a diverse roster of clients including Airbnb, Martha Stewart, NBC and HBO. As the creative and strategy lead behind notable and award-winning work for her clients, including partnership campaigns with blue chip brands such as W Hotels, Virgin America, Bloomingdale's, Canadian Club, and Whole Foods, Sarah excels at creating authentic, compelling brand narratives that draw media attention and translate to meaningful business objectives. 

After ten years in New York City, Sarah relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 to open the doors to Civic's first west coast office, while taking in the sunshine and general amazing aura of Southern California. Driven by big ideas and bold creativity, with a penchant for art and fashion, Sarah's collaboration with Lisa, a London transplant who is creative to the core, was inevitable after meeting her (across the hall) in Venice Beach.








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